The Financial Literacy Headquarters of Sonoma State University’s School of Business is offering a free question-and-answer session Saturday for homeowners considering short-sales, loan modifications, refinancings, or foreclosures.

The session will be 9 to 11 a.m. and will be hosted at the RETHINK Money Coaching Center, 134 Lystra Court, in Santa Rosa.

In its first year, the university’s Financial Literacy Headquarters promotes regional prosperity through financial education. The goal of the Saturday session is to equip homeowners with the information they need to make smart choices and pursue the remedies that will best meet their needs.

“It’s important that people understand how their money works, on both financial and emotional levels,” said Angie Grainger, a School of Business and Economics alumnus and headquarters volunteer.

“Homeowners struggling with real estate woes should ask themselves: How will this next step affect my credit? Is good credit important to me in the next five years? Is a loan modification available here, and if so, what will I still owe on the loan? Finally, what are the tax consequences of the various options? Will this choice leave me with a future obligation I am unable to pay?”

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— Robert Digitale