308 Homewood1

308 Homewood Dr., Cloverdale. (Image via Real Estate Broker Services)

As July begins to wind down and kids are getting ready for their last few weeks of summer break, it would seem that everything else should slow down, too. However, the opposite has happened in the real estate market. Recently, the median home price in Sonoma County rose once again, and it now stands at incredible $600,000.

For those who’ve saved to buy a home in the median price range, this may come as a surprise after the recent raise to $550k, but there are still plenty of homes available in this range that won’t break the bank if you’ve been saving for this very circumstance.

Real estate is a fickle thing, and with more homes being built throughout the North Bay, homebuyers may want to wait for prices to drop before buying. For now, here’s what’s new on the market this week:

931 Baird Rd, Santa Rosa – $619,000

931 Baird Rd1

(Image via Key Properties)

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the Rincon Valley area of Santa Rosa. There’s 1,300 square feet of interior space, and an already drought-tolerant front yard to make the drought easier on new homeowners.

931 Baird Rd2

(Image via Key Properties)

The backyard has a small area of grass, but it’s still a good size for entertaining.

751 Riesling Rd, Petaluma – $599,000

751 Riesling Rd1

(Image via Trin Hong Real Estate)

Built in 1995, this home is relatively new at 21 years old. With 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms it’s set up as a starter home for a family.

751 Riesling Rd2

(Image via Trin Hong Real Estate)

The 1,739 square foot interior gives a spacious feeling inside.

220 Golf Green Ln, Santa Rosa – $639,000

220 Golf Green1

(Image via McBride Realty)

This 1980 home is only 2 bedrooms  and 2 baths, but that may make it ideal for newlyweds or a retired couple.


(Image via McBride Realty)

Location is always important, and this backyard won’t disappoint a homeowner who desires a nature view.

5127 Oak Park Way, Santa Rosa – $585,000

Oak Park Way1

(Image via Century 21 Classic Properties)

This 1968 home is two stories, with 2,200 square feet inside. It also has room on the side to comfortably park an RV, so a family who enjoys camping may decide the $585k is a good investment.

Oak Park Way2

(Image via Century 21 Classic Properties)

While not recently updated, the kitchen still has plenty of storage for dishes and dry goods needed for a larger family.

308 Homewood Ct, Cloverdale – $610,000

308 Homewood1

(Image via Real Estate Broker Services)

This 2001 home looks much newer than its age, and with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, it has plenty of room for new additions to any family.

308 Homewood2

(Image via Real Estate Broker Services)

Curved arches, recessed lighting, and wood flooring give this home a thoroughly modern feeling.