Pricing for both homebuyers and renters alike haven’t budged a whole lot in the past few months, with the current median home price at 575,100 and apartments holding a median rental of $2400/monthly.

Though a potential homebuyer with a steady income and great credit would love to find a nice house and be able to jump right in and purchase, there’s a small (or not so small) matter of the downpayment. A standard amount down is about 20% of the purchase price – for a $500,000 house that comes out to $100,000. Sure, there are always options that can be worked out considering percentages, and it’s easier for two people to pool their cash than one – but however it works, many individuals just have to make sure they have a hefty amount of cash saved before buying.

But while you’re saving up, renting a house instead of an apartment is a great way to get a feel for what floor plan works best for your lifestyle, and maybe even how much yard you want (or perhaps don’t). Scroll through the slides to check out these 7 homes on the rental market for the same median price as an apartment – or less.