Historic homes that have been well restored and come with a good story usually come with an equally impressive price tag, so when this house was first brought to my attention I let it sit on the desk for a bit because I see million-dollar homes all the time; and I believe half of them would be priced far less were the market different. When I got around to it – I felt like I almost missed a gem. That, and I love a good story. This home has a few…

This completely restored Craftsman built in 1905 by Horace Weller, a businessman who moved to Fort Bragg in the 1880’s to manage the Company Store. He built this three-story residence as a wedding present for his son Charlie and bride Adelia. In 1955, the Wellers celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the house, but in the 60’s the house was inherited by the Flager Family, and soon after became vacant and fell into disrepair.

In the 1980’s, Anne Sorrells purchased the home with the intent of converting it to a bed and breakfast called The Avalon House. This B&B was popular with tourists for many years.

In 2004, The Avalon House was sold to the Neeses. They did further upgrades and improvements, but unfortunately, they never were able to open as a B&B.

In 2006, Dr. William Rohr, a local orthopedic surgeon, and his wife Linda, purchased this beautiful antique as a private residence, and redid the interior (once again).

It’s difficult to find an old home with such a complete – and storied – pedigree. Whether you’d like this home as a potential B&B again, or perhaps as a private residence of your own, the 1M price tag for what you’d get seems like a deal for what’s included compared to many of the homes I’ve seen recently. Scroll through the gallery to see what you think.