The housing price have gone up (again), recently hitting a historic high median price of $639,000.
As I go about my daily errands, I’ve noticed that worries about housing prices, availability, and ideas about how a new homebuyer can afford to live in Sonoma County have become a more recent topic of conversation, especially among the younger crowd.
It’s a frustrating dilemma for every new homebuyer, exacerbated by the fact that, well, home prices throughout California have all gone up with little to no relief seen coming anytime soon.
There is a flurry of new housing being built, to help alleviate the shortage of affordable houses available, but that doesn’t solve the issues for anyone who needs a place to stay right now.
The current median rent for an apartment in Sonoma County right now (2 bedrooms) is around $2,500, less if all you need is a one bedroom. This may still feel like a punch to the pocketbook, but the good news is that these apartment complexes usually have amenities that would incur extra costs for homeowners (pool, spa, workout rooms, and clubhouses, to name a few).
If you’re getting ready to rent so you can wait for the price of housing to go down a bit, here’s 5 apartments available now in Sonoma County that have a lot to offer prospective tenants. **Sidenote: These were added on 5/8, but apartments rent quickly. There may be some that show up unavailable by 5/9**

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