Though I live in Santa Rosa, I’m close to downtown so that’s how I see it; I often forget how stunning this area can be. Then, I found this 2015 estate property with a main house built in a sprawling Mediterranean style that just so happens to be located on over 258 acres – complete with vineyards, horse trails (seriously),and oh – a second residence, guest house, custom barn, and – wait for it – a wine cave.
Generally, I get excited when I see a wine cellar, but a wine cave is a whole other level of want. Sure, horse trails and what-not are great, but a wine cave just sounds like one of those things that someone would say,”I worked my way through grad school just to get the job that allows me this – I made it.”
Actually, that sounds fairly short-sighted and unrealistic, but who wouldn’t like to drop the fact that you have a wine cave into a party conversation?
Now that I’ve succeeded in sounding like an absolute boor, let’s take a closer look at what this unique property has to offer (besides the wine cave). Scroll through to start the tour…