Summer is definitely here, which for parents means that school is out and the kids are restless. For those families who have young ones (under 16) this usually means frantic last-minute searches for day camps, babysitters, and calling on any and all members of the extended family for babysitting favors, help, or pick-up/drop-off assistance.
What happens to a lot of these families is that the local parks become one of their favorite places to visit – they’re free, the kids get some of that extra energy out, and it becomes a fallback to suggest to grandparents and babysitters alike when asked where they should take the kids.
For first time homebuyers who are thinking of starting a family, or have a family that includes young ones, the proximity to parks is a good thing to add to your checklist. If you don’t have kids – yet – this may seem like just one more piece of unwanted extraneous advice about raising them, but it’s really for both of you. Being able to sit down for a second and watch your kid play with other children; without wrecking the living room, will become a dream come true in no time.
Fortunately, this is Sonoma County, so open spaces and parks abound. The catch is that what I could find was mostly in Santa Rosa and Windsor -but that’s not bad at all. Here are 8 recent listings that are seriously close to local parks so you’ll never be without something to do on a hot summer day; click through the gallery to see…