When the weather gets hot, I look forward to days at the beach and trying to keep it cool. While I generally view beachfront homes as a vacation getaway, this newly built, custom home in the Sea Ranch makes me want to move in full time.
Designed by Builder/Architects John Schmidt, Tomas and Don Olsen, this house takes its cue from Don Olson’s International Style aesthetic. According to reviews, Olsen is a modernist in the tradition of the German Bauhaus designers of the 1920s, who opt for white over wood, stucco or concrete.
While you don’t get that from the outside; it actually looks like many of the homes in the Sea Ranch with the shingled exterior and boxy style, the interior tells an entirely different modernist tale.
The clean lines, white walls, and a custom granite countertop in the kitchen are just the beginning to what this luxury estate has to offer. After a little bit of research, it turns out that this house is part of a set of three homes that were originally being slated to be sold together – either as a (really big) family compound, or possibly a company retreat. But, an asking price of $8.2M may have made that a hard sell, and now they’re available on their own with a fairly reasonable HOA fee (which covers security) of $214/monthly.
But semantics are boring – what caught my eye about this house is how well it uses the space, the vertical grain fir and hemlock cathedral ceilings, and the fact that you can see the ocean from every room in the house. That alone makes the 2.7M price tag well worth it (if you have 2.7M to spend, that is…). If you’d like to see what stunning ocean views look like from a fully custom home, scroll through the gallery…