Space is always a consideration when looking to buy a home, right after setting a budget. A house is a long-term investment, so many homebuyers have to sit down and talk future plans – are kids in the picture? Will kids ever be? Will older family members be moving in? Hosting parties, family reunions, or even the opposite; downsizing and going minimalist because they don’t want to bother with any of these future considerations.
Sonoma County has real estate the runs the gamut, from tiny homes to sprawling estates, so chances are good the right size house will be on the market.
If you’re looking for a home, and square footage is high on your list, you’ll have noticed that the two choices you’re usually faced with is either a sprawling single story home, or a two story suburban homestead.
But there’s a third option – instead of going out, you can keep going up. though harder to find in this area, 3 story houses are a thing, and the architecture used in making them is really, really neat. While 3 story homes aren’t uncommon in cities and more urban areas, but the terrain in Sonoma County tends to lend itself to homes that are more spread out, making a taller house that much more impressive when it’s found.
The only caveat is that they’re a bit more expensive than even the median price range, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look. If you want to see the (admittedly few) 3 story homes listed now, scroll through the gallery…