In the post fire real estate world, home prices have increased across the board in Sonoma County. You may just as easily find a one-bedroom cottage listed at $550,000 as you will find a three bedroom family home. For those of you with multi-generational families or just a pack of kids, the above listings may be of interest.

This week’s real estate round-up focuses on four-bedroom homes for sale in Sonoma County under $600,000.  These properties run the gamut, from true fixer-uppers to move-in-ready units, each with a unique feature of its own worth discovering.

Having grown up in a loud and lively household, I have learned the value of personal space.  Although, the square footage of these homes may vary, each may have a room or two for you to claim as your own private domain.

Click through our gallery above to see six homes that give you more bang for your buck – more rooms at a lower price tag.