Looking to purchase a home in Sonoma County, but continually priced out of the market? You may want to consider a manufactured home.

After the October wildfires, it was a mad dash scramble to obtain housing in Sonoma County.  With 5,100 homes lost in last October’s wildfires and many residents displaced, November and December broke county records, with buyers purchasing nearly $738 million in residences.

When Sonoma County’s median home price skyrocketed to $669,500 last December many of us were left wondering,
will we ever be able to afford a home in Sonoma County?

Real estate prices may level out or they may continue to rise, so why not consider a manufactured home? There are many properties out there that are in better shape than many of the lower end brick and mortar alternatives. Some of these double-wides are surprisingly spacious and offer additional amenities like access to a community pool, spa and clubhouse.

With prices starting at around $100 thousand, these homes could work for downsizing seniors or young families starting out.

Click through our gallery above to see more of these surprisingly chic, modern and spacious manufactured homes.