Cozy, quaint and surprisingly contemporary, bungalows and cottages abound in Sonoma County. Most originating from the 1900s to the 1930s, these comfortable turn of the century residences were popular construction types for their affordability and style.

Everything you need but in a smaller package –  the cottage typically has one or two bedrooms, a main room, kitchen and a couple of bathrooms. They may be diminutive in size, but they are still way bigger than the trendy tiny houses of today.

Craftsman bungalows tend to be a bit bigger and a bit fancier. They originated in India and are a riff off of the traditional English cottage. They have low-pitched roofs, wide eave overhangs and large front porches. Inside, the best examples have a ton of awesome wood work with cool built-ins like kitchen pass through windows or  bookshelves. Unlike cottages, they are typically built off of the ground- to keep water out of the home and air circulation in.

Despite their age many Sonoma county cottages and bungalows are anything but dated. Remodeled examples have expanded open floor plans, refurbished kitchens and water-savvy front yards.

Prices range from the $500 thousand to well over $2 million. On the low end there are fixer uppers and on the high end- lux dream homes with tons of sass and style.

Click through our gallery above to see five Sonoma county cottages and bungalows currently on the market.