Hunting for an affordable family home in Sonoma County can be exhausting. In recent weeks I’ve scoured the listings for the perfect properties for families with average income, houses at or below the median single-family home price of $669,500.

Although still out of my price range, I’ve been curious. What happens when I expand my search to homes between $1 and $2 million?

As you may have expected, add a hundred thousand or two and you have a serious upgrade.  Everything from historic homes in ideal locations to gleaming country estates.  You can get a $1.3 million historic two-bedroom in Sonoma or a spacious four bedroom 2,782-square foot Santa Rosa estate with oodles of amenities.

For some home buyers, the stretch up to the million range isn’t completely unfathomable. Our roundup gallery this week focuses on roomy estates with luxurious high-end features.  Click through our gallery of more bang for your buck Sonoma County estates worth the extra dollars.