Rental prices have settled down considerably since a spike in prices last year following the October wildfires. The appearance of a number of $3,000 dollar two-bedrooms had us all scratching our heads in November.

According to a Zillow rental report for February, the current median rental price is $2,456 for two-bedrooms. That is still a bit pricey in a community where the median household income is $66,833.

The good news is that you can get a lot for over $2,000. Some of these luxury complexes have fitness centers, multiple pools, outdoor kitchens and wine bars. And the interiors aren’t too shabby either; with open floor plans, patios, stainless-steel appliances and marble counters; they rival some of the finest luxury homes currently on the market.

Click through our gallery above to see what a rental at or below $2,456 looks like.