Rental prices throughout Sonoma County have come down significantly since the post fire October peak of $3,224/month.

According to Zillow reports, the median rent in Sonoma County as of April 2018 is $2,800, that’s up over $300 from February’s average rent of $2,456. With a current Sonoma County median household income of only $66,833, a rent this high would occupy over 50 percent of one’s monthly paycheck!

This situation may seem bleak, but other rental analysis sites paint a somewhat brighter picture. May reports from, claim that Sonoma County’s median rent may be closer to $1,974 for a two bedroom. Combining data from the U.S. Census Bureau with prices for new and old units, Apartment List’s analysis is more optimistic. For Sonoma County residents earning the current median income, $1,974/month is around 35% of your monthly salary.

Less expensive listings are out there, but you have to hunt for them. To help you on your way we’ve provided a gallery of 11 apartments priced at $2,800 or  lower throughout Sonoma County. Click through our gallery above to take a closer look.