“Indestructible” and “everlasting”  are adjectives you might use to describe a super hero instead of a home, but this unique Occidental residence built from fire-resistant concrete claims it will last a millennium – or at least through earthquakes and forest fires.

We wrote about the estate back in 2015, after Lake County’s Valley fire destroyed 1,280 single family homes and residents were looking for durable solutions for rebuilding in forested areas.

The property is the brain-child of local contractor Joe Manning, who built the home to endure natural disasters.

Although the structure is not fire-proof it is fire-resistant. Concrete is a non-combustible material which has a slow rate of heat transference and may endure longer as flammable materials burn around it.

With the super hero job this residence claims to deliver, you may expect the property to look like an impenetrable fortress, but it is surprisingly light and airy with elegant lines reminiscent of a Zen monastery instead of a concrete block prison.

The spacious 3,600-square-foot home is built for four seasons of sunshine with an indoor/outdoor design that centers around an open courtyard for dining al fresco.

Inside of the artistic estate you will find a chef’s kitchen with two ovens, a Sub-zero fridge and Grigio Capraia Slate kitchen counters. The elegant living room features a cathedral ceiling with a massive skylight and a double-sided fireplace that warms the parlor and dining room.

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