It may seem like the median home price is on a rocket to the moon these days,  according to Press Democrat housing reports for May, the average cost of a single-family residence hit a record high of $692,250 last month.

This may be disheartening news for the average Sonoma County resident who makes an average annual salary of  $66,833.  It’s enough to make you want to break out the hard stuff while searching for better options in other counties or entirely out of the state.

We’ve written a few times about what would be more affordable for the common man. Properties at or below $500,000, offer a more reasonable monthly mortgage for the average Sonoma County citizen.  A quick property search this week revealed over 100 homes currently listed under $500K – but they are not all move-in-ready. The options run the gamut from ramshackle vacation homes, to decent double wides to surprisingly chic four-bedrooms.

To brighten the real estate outlook we’ve provided a selection of five beautiful-as-is homes listed at or below $500,000. Click through the gallery above to put a smile back on your face.