Tucked away in the hills of Mendocino County, Golden Cup Ranch is an 80-acre eco-village filled with innovative sustainable designs and a dash of whimsy.

Among acres of winding trails, the fanciful permaculture retreat features organic gardens, greenhouses, orchards, fruit and nut trees and acres of forest to explore.

The centerpiece of the estate is a cozy 2,700 square foot primary residence showcasing curved organic lines and reclaimed materials. The banisters, made from fallen trees add a bit of Tolkien-esque fantasy to the home as well as upping the sustainable appeal.

Outside of the main house are a bunch of other-worldly dwellings including a 900 square foot straw bale home, yurts, domes and a redwood treehouse for hot summer nights.

The funky bohemian estate isn’t without luxuries, there is a “natural pool” or pond rather, that doubles as a 500,000 gallon water storage system. The “spa” features a cobb sauna and wood fired hot tub.

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