As summer turns to fall, housing prices appear to be coming down in Sonoma County just in time for harvest.

The median price of homes currently listed in Sonoma County is around $655,200. That is down 6% from the last June’s record high of $700,000.  According to the Press Democrat’s monthly housing report prepared by Pacific Union International senior vice president Rick Laws, July home sales fell to their lowest level for the month in nine years with only 401 homes sold.

The market appears to be opening up a bit more with more homes available at mid-market prices. From brand-new single-family homes to refurbished multi-family estates, we are seeing more listings with more to offer. Properties with pools or remodeled kitchens, are beginning to reappear at prices under $600,000.

Even with July’s decline, the median price has doubled since July 2011, when it was $325,000.

After last October’s wildfires, Sonoma County residents rushed to purchase new homes leading to record months for home sales through the fall, winter and spring.

The slight decline in home prices may help out struggling Sonoma County residents like teachers (or journalists) who earn around the Sonoma County median income, taking home on average $71,474 per year.

Click through our gallery above to get a taste for some of the more affordably priced homes currently available for less than $600,000.