Is it time to buy a house in Sonoma County? After several months of sluggish sales many sellers have reduced prices and the median home price has settled down to $620,000.

According to the The Press Democrat’s monthly housing report compiled by Rick Laws of Compass Real Estate and staff writer Martin Espinoza, the decline can be attributed to a seasonal dip in home sales and a push back from buyers frustrated by escalating home prices.

The median home price skyrocketed to a record of $700,000 last June with fire victims scrambling to find new housing. Since then, prices have declined slowly, lowering to $620,000 last month.

Overall sales have slowed as well, 227 single-family homes were sold in February, a 15 percent drop from the same month last year.

A seasonal reduction in sales is typical in winter months, and February’s torrential downpours did nothing to improve real estate transactions. This has led to a drop in prices that some home seekers may find favorable.

There are several great homes currently on the market for $620,000 and less. Click through our gallery above to take a peek.