Stunning Estate in Healdsburg Just Listed at $3.65M

I make certain that I consider interesting listings all around Sonoma County; not focusing on one city twice in one month (or more) if I can - but this estate in Healdsburg was really too good to pass up. Technically, this is a Tudor-style home,  but it's the custom touches [...]

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8 Homes for $639K or Less With Backyards Big Enough to Entertain

Now that spring is here, the rain has abated and the sun is making itself known. Homebuyers are able to look at more than floor plans and interiors - they can now get a good look at the landscaping. While the front yard adds curb appeal, let's face it: The [...]

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Unexpected Artistic Retreat in Healdsburg Just Listed For 4.5M

When looking at high-end homes, there's generally ann expectation that the architecture will adhere to exacting standards, and generally be built with fancy amenities such as a wine cellar or heated pool. To be fair, this house does include these niceties, but it's what the previous owners have added to [...]

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Here Are 10 Homes At The Record-Breaking $639,000 Median Price In Sonoma County

It didn't seem as though the median housing price could get any higher, until it did just that. Here are 10 homes at the new $639,000 median price range.

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3.8M Kenwood Home Seamlessly Blends Contemporary With Outdoorsy

There’s no VHS tapes or poor fashion choices in this ‘80s era Kenwood home. For 3.8M everything from the sauna to the floor plan is absolutely modern.

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Ocean View Homes That Have Million Dollar Views For Far Less Money

Ocean view homes offer million dollar views, usually with the same price tag. Here are 9 Sonoma County homes that offer the beautiful views at less cost.

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The Iconic Glass House in Timber Cove Can be Yours For 3.9M

When it comes to true-life fairytales, the Glass House in Timber Cove is a storybook example. For 3.9M you can start your own fable here.

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Median Rental in Santa Rosa For 2 Bedrooms is $2,140 – Here’s What You Get

The housing prices have frustrated many enough that they need to look for a 2 bedroom apartment for a family. Here’s 7 at the current median rental price.

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This Unique Forestville Winemaker’s Estate Now Listed at 2.2M

If you enjoy making wine, this beautiful hilltop estate in Forestville is for you. And yes, of course it has a wine cellar.

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5 Romantic Homes To Look At In Sonoma County This Valentine’s Day: Spa Included

This Valentines Day, these 5 houses would make a good house hunting day trip; they’re all well designed, offer privacy, and include a spa.

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