Though we’ve already looked at home rentals in the range of what someone would pay for a mortgage at the current Sonoma County median, I recently saw that Santa Rosa is ranked as the 2nd least expensive city to rent in the Bay Area this month, tying with Napa.

While there’s always a complaint to be had when it comes to the price of housing, at least the median for a one bedroom apartment isn’t the $3,370 a month that it is in San Francisco. In fact, the price of a one bedroom apartment in Santa Rosa fell 0.7% to a median of $1,520, instead of rising in price like, say, single family homes have.

The hope is that as summer winds down – or sooner – the prices for everything; houses, apartments, rental units, start to settle in and, hopefully, begin to go down even more.

**NOTE – Apparently, these prices are a steal because the original title for this article was referring to ten apartments for rent. Two are already off market – a day after I started writing this. If you’re ready to see what apartments are in Santa Rosa now for $1,500 or less, scroll through the gallery…