After what seemed like an endless wait, the SMART train is running and ready to welcome commuters on board to relax as they travel to work, instead of fighting the morning (and afternoon) freeway traffic. In the first week of paid ridership, the SMART train had up to 2,900 riders each day, which means more people may be looking to change the way they commute.

This may also mean that more home buyers are taking notice of how access to the SMART train can make their daily commute, errands, or day trips throughout Sonoma County much easier in the long run. The result is that homes close to SMART train stations have been selling fast – despite considerations like noise from horns or crossing signals. A quick example is that that I began with 9 newly listed homes for this list, but as of Sunday, two were pending sale and one had sold.

Houses within walking distance to a SMART train station – especially one that disembarks close to the homeowner’s workplace – is an enticing draw for anyone interested in commuting without the stress of sitting in traffic, as well as those interested in keeping the mileage low on their car.
As SMART Train ridership goes up, I expect to see interest in houses around them go up as well; not to mention (probably) the prices. At the moment, there are some homes still available within an easy walking or bicycle-riding distance. Scroll through the gallery to see what’s out there for anyone interested in getting closer to the SMART Train…