Frank Lloyd Wright died on April 9,1959,  60 years ago today. His ground-breaking designs inspired a modernist movement in architecture that reverberates to this very day. During his 70-year career, he pioneered several architectural motifs including the Prairie, Textile, Organic and Usonian styles. His homes are warm and inviting filled with built-in furniture, natural building materials and open floor plans. But most importantly, Wright built his homes to blend in with their surrounding environment.

Many of the contemporary homes of the 21st century belong to this long lineage of modern architecture that can be traced back to Wright. Although not Arts & Crafts by any means, 4982 W. Soda Rock Lane draws upon some of the artistic concepts valued by this 20th century master.

The two-bedroom three-bathroom main residence features a quintessentially Wright open floor plan with walls of windows that pull the outdoors in. Intermixed between three light-filled stories are a combination of wood and steel elements that blend natural and industrial aesthetics.

Both the big house and its mini-me one-bedroom duplicate feature stucco walls covered in ivy which help the estate to blend in with its natural surroundings  Even the harsh lines of the modernist structure mix well with in with the linear rows of cabernet sauvignon.

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4982 W.  Soda Rock Lane in Healdsburg is listed by Peter Colbert and Mark Altes at Compass real estate.