According to a new study released by the personal finance website Smart Asset, Santa Rosa ranks among the top ten cities in the nation where it pays to negotiate on home price.

The market analysis released Wednesday, determined that Santa Rosa is the second most beneficial spot to haggle for the best value. Between July 2018 and June 2019, an average of 20.39% of Santa Rosa home listings had price reductions, and the median price reduction for those listings month-over-month was 3.01%.

Santa Rosa was only outranked by Baltimore, where the median home price of $169,900 is significantly lower than Santa Rosa’s $635,000 average. In Baltimore, the reduction rate was slightly better with approximately 20.31% of homes for sale with price cuts, and a median price reduction for those listings of 3.80%.

The study analyzed a sample of 150 cities in the nation, using price reduction data from the real estate website Zillow. Of the regions studied, the Southeast appears to be the best place in the nation to negotiate home price, with 14 of the top 25 cities residing in the South.

For Sonoma County residents looking to invest (and possible negotiate) on a new home a number of listings have recently hit the market at or around the median county home price of $660,000. Click through our gallery above to sneak a peek.