According to the website Rent Cafe, the median rent in Sonoma County is $1,971* for a two-bedroom, that is down 2 percent from the same time last year. Although the decline is a bonus, the rental rate is still high for Sonoma County residents where the median household income is only $71,769, according to the latest Census reports.

In order for the median rent to be considered, “affordable” it would have to occupy less than 30 percent of a couple’s household income. That’s approximately $84,471 per year in Sonoma County or assuming two breadwinners, $42,236 per person.

What does a $1,971 two bedroom look like in Sonoma County? Listings on the realty website Zillow show a range of selections from rustic cabins to luxury complexes. There are slim pickings for two bedrooms at the median price, but a bunch of listings at $1,971 if you are willing to squeeze into a smaller unit. Click through our gallery above to preview some of the properties.

*Based on Santa Rosa pricing, with the largest concentration of rental pricing in the county.