August closed with a median home price of $699,000, an increase of 6.72% from July and just $1,000 shy of the all-time high of $700,000 reached in June of 2018.

The increase corresponds with a second surge of wildfire survivors entering the real estate market as their limit for insurance payments to cover their monthly rent comes to an end.

According to the Press Democrat’s monthly housing report compiled by staff writer Martin Espinoza and by Compass real estate agent Rick Laws, 413 homes sold in August, down just 68 properties from the same month last year.

The surge of home sales comes at a time when housing prices are already unattainable for a good portion of Sonoma County. For Sonoma County residents earning the median household income of $71,769, making mortgage payments on an average home can account for around 52% of one’s monthly income.*

So what does a median priced home look like in Sonoma County? Click through our gallery above to find out.

*with 30% down, a 30-year fixed mortgage and an interest rate of 4.1%