Home finder website realtor.com claims that at $1.5 trillion, the national student loan debt is high enough to purchase every home on the market 1.9 times over.

According to realtor.com senior economist, George Ratiu, “Student debt has ballooned to an all-time high (and) as the price of education continues to outpace wage growth,” many borrowers will be held back or prevented from buying a new home.

What’s more the ability to save for a down-payment is hampered by increasing loan bills.

The average priced home in the nation is  $260,000, and according to realtor.com, the typical down payment of 10 percent is $26,000, just $8,500 less than the average student debt of $34,500.

The picture is even bleaker for Sonoma County residents. With a median home price of $699,000, 10 percent down is $69,900, a sum that may be impossible to save while paying for daily expenses, student loan debt and other bills.

In the wake of such bleak news, we have prepared a gallery of some of the most “affordable” homes currently on the market in Sonoma County.

Click through our gallery above of  listings below $500,000.