Interested in a little rental income or a place for mom and pops? A new California state law which goes into affect Jan. 1 makes it easier to put a grandmother unit on your property.

Senate Bill 330, which passed in October, is a 5-year measure which temporarily lifts some of the development policies that restrict accessory housing (aka. granny) unit construction.

The jury is still out on how this will affect Sonoma County, which has already passed legislation to entice home owners to build grandmother units.

Some of the rules overwrite preexisting laws governing development in the county including rules that set a minimum lot size for construction and laws that govern how setback a housing unit must be from the other structures and the road.

With the region still grappling with the loss of some 5,300 housing units in 2017’s October firestorm and 174 homes to the Kincade fire this year, the law offers a tiny ray of light for a region grappling with one of the worst housing crises in recent memory.

Interested in putting a grandmother unit on your property? Get inspired by some of the listings with guest houses currently on the market in the gallery above.

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