According to the website Rent Cafe, the average rent in Sonoma County is around $1,948* a decrease of 2% from November of last year. Although the slight dip in prices is promising, the rental rate is still high for Sonoma County residents where the median household income is only $76,753, according to the latest Census reports.

The website analyzes data from all apartment buildings in Santa Rosa with 50 units or more, offering a somewhat limited view of the total rental market in Sonoma County, where many of the rentable apartments are granny units, townhouses or located in smaller complexes.

For those apartments with available data, 86% cost over $1,501, 13% cost between $1,001 and $1,500 and only 2% cost below $1,000.

The picture gets bleaker when you compare local prices to the nation, where the median rental price is $1,474, almost $500 dollars less than it is in Sonoma County.

Curious to see what $1,948 will rent you in Sonoma County? Click through our gallery above to explore some of the options. 

*Based on Santa Rosa pricing, with the largest concentration of rental pricing in the county.