Depending on who you ask the median home price is anywhere between $620,000 and $695,000 in Sonoma County. The realty website Zillow tracks an additional metric called the median home value, which averages what homes are listed for and what they actually sell for. As of last month, the median home value in Sonoma County is around $624,398.

All these prices shift around a bit depending on where you are located. Jack London’s picturesque Valley of the Moon, ranks among one of the most expensive areas in the county, with four towns listed above $740,000. Glen Ellen is the priciest community, with homes valued around $972,738.

The vacation destinations along the Russian River rank among some of the most affordable places to invest, with homes priced below $550,000. If you aren’t afraid of the threat of occasional flooding, homes in Guerneville can be found for less than $440,000.

With some 5,300 homes lost in Sonoma County during the firestorm of 2017, the market has been fluctuating. June 2018 saw home prices reach an all-time high of $700,000, but since then prices are stabilizing.

Despite the threat of floods and fires throughout 2019, local broker associate, Doug Solwick with Coldwell Banker is optimistic about 2020.

“It became a more balanced market toward the end of the year,” he said. And he predicted that barring any unforeseen economic trouble, it would continue that way.

To see what the median home price will buy you in Sonoma County by city, click through our gallery above.

*Sample and not a comprehensive list of communities studied by Zillow, where data is available.