With an average home price of $807,832, Sonoma ranks among the priciest places to buy a house in Sonoma County.

Homes typically range between $800,000 and $1.5 million in Sonoma and $600,000 in the surrounding Springs communities. But under current market conditions, a number of attractive properties under $600,000 are emerging on listing websites.

Fancy a recently constructed two-story home with brand-new appliances? How about a cozy cottage with a raised bed garden and a chicken coop?

According to the real estate website CoreLogic, the national state of emergency and subsequent recession have resulted in a forecasted annual home price growth of just 0.5% by March 2021 – down significantly from a January projection of 5.4%. How this will affect the housing market long term is up for debate. But, experts “remain confident that foundations, including strong engagement from millennial homebuyers, remain in place for a positive rebound of the market.”

For now, click through our gallery above to explore some enticing properties under $600,000 in the Sonoma Valley.