Small but mighty, bungalows have been a popular housing type in Sonoma County for several decades. Known for their affordability and style, historic models and their modern iterations can be found everywhere from Cloverdale to Petaluma.

The bungalow originated in Bengal, India. During the colonial era, British officers and travelers stayed in “Bangla” summer lodges with thatched roofs and wide covered verandas.  These classic homes were reminiscent of English country cottages but built off the ground to survive hot and rainy South Asian weather.

The “Bangla” style influenced British and American architects who incorporated it into their Craftsman designs. The classic Arts & Crafts era bungalow is characterized by open floor plans, large front porches, wide covered verandas,  gleaming hardwood floors, wainscoting, and built-in cabinetry.

In Sonoma County there are a number of Craftsman bungalows dating from the 1920s, Mediterranean-inspired casitas, and modern iterations.

Click through our gallery above to preview some of the historic bungalows currently on the market for $600,000 or less.