According to a recent report by the investment analysis site, AdvisorSmith, Santa Rosa is the 14th least affordable U.S. city for homebuyers and over one-third (18 out of 50) of the nation’s most unaffordable cities are located in California.

Of the 507 metropolitan areas studied, San Francisco was the least affordable with Santa Cruz coming in second, San Jose in third, Napa in eleventh and Ukiah, surprisingly, in fifteenth.

The study used housing price data from Zillow’s Home Value Index and household income, composition, and population data from the U.S. Census Bureau to calculate a “price-to-income” ratio used to rank the cities from least to most affordable.

For Santa Rosa, with a median household income of $81,395 and a weighted average home price of $619,824, the price-to-income ratio was 7.6 compared to a ratio of 9.7 in San Francisco.

Ukiah did slightly better, with a price-to-income ratio of 7.3. Although homes can be purchased for approximately $200,000 less in Ukiah than in Santa Rosa, the median household income is only $51,830.

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