The median rent in Sonoma County* is $1,675 for a one-bedroom and $2,170 for a two-bedroom according to a recent report by the rental market analysis website Apartment List.

According to the August study, rents inched up 0.1% (just two dollars) since July and are down 0.7% since the start of the pandemic in March. The slight increase echoes the national trend with housing costs going up by the same rate month-over-month.

Year-over-year rents in Sonoma County have gone up by 10.8% from August 2019 to August 2020, and are still high compared to the rest of the nation were the median rent is $963 for a one-bedroom and $1,195 for a two-bedroom.

Big cities, in general, have been hit hard by the COVID-19 virus and subsequent recession. The largest rent declines were seen in major coastal cities including San Francisco, New York and San Jose.

Rents are down in general throughout the Bay Area, with San Francisco seeing the steepest decline as housing costs fell 4.7% to $2,956 for a two-bedroom since the beginning of the pandemic in March.

Curious to see what the median rent will get you in Sonoma County? Click through our gallery above to see some of the apartments currently listed for under $2,170 on Zillow. 

*Derived from the analysis of Santa Rosa data, Sonoma County’s largest city.