Looking for an “affordable” home in Sonoma County? Cozy bungalows may be short on square footage, but they make up for it in style and historic charm.

According to the latest Census reports the median household income in Sonoma County is $76,753. With a recent spike in luxury home sales, the median home price is up to $715,000. Making the monthly mortgage payment for the average priced home $3,246*. That’s nearly 50% of the monthly income for the average  Sonoma County resident.

The good news is that there still are a number of listings priced below $700,000 on the market, including a number of historic bungalows.

The bungalow originated in Bengal, India where builders crafted homes that combined elements of  “Bangla” summer lodges with English country cottages.

Known for both their affordability and style, bungalows took off in both the U.S. and Britain in the early 1900s. The classic Arts & Crafts-era bungalow is characterized by open floor plans, large front porches, wide covered verandas,  gleaming hardwood floors, wainscoting, and built-in cabinetry.

Despite earthquakes, floods and fires there are still a number of Arts & Crafts-era bungalows on the market.

Explore the gallery above to see some listings.

*With 20% down and an interest rate of 3.6% on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage.