The median home price in Sonoma County is $715,000, according to the February Compass market analysis report. But this average disguises a vast spectrum of listings at different price points. Although a spike in luxury home sales inflated the county average during the pandemic, a number of lower-priced properties do exist.

From fixer-uppers to move-in-ready abodes, prices below $600,000 are out there, if you hunt for them. The real estate analysts at Compass give us a starting point for our search. According to their year-end report for 2020, the top 5 least expensive communities are the Russian River, where the average home costs $515,000; southwest Santa Rosa, where the median is $530,000; Cloverdale, where it is $592,000; northwest Santa Rosa, where it is $600,000, and Cotati, where the median home price is $624,000.

From time to time, we like to take a look at homes at the lower end of the market. The six least expensive properties currently listed on Zillow are all priced below $400,000 and some are as low as $289,900. But it isn’t time to rejoice quite yet. Many of these homes are fixer-uppers or tiny one-bedrooms suitable for only one or two residents.

Click through our gallery above to take a look at the least expensive homes currently on the market in Sonoma County.