According to the rental market analysis site Apartment List, Santa Rosa rents are up 3.7% over the past month and 12.7% over the same month last year. Median rents in Santa Rosa stand at $1,636 for a one-bedroom apartment where similar-sized units rent for $1,275 across the nation.

This is the fifth straight month that the city has seen rent increases after a decline in April. Santa Rosa’s year-over-year rent growth leads the state average of 11.6% but trails the national average of 15.1%.

Compared to the national picture, prices for rental units remain higher than comparable-sized cities across the nation. In Detroit two-bedroom rents for $972 where a similar unit is $2,162 in Santa Rosa.

But this seemingly dramatic increase pales in comparison to other places across the nation. Rents are up 27% in Phoenix, 26 % in Miami and 18.8% in Atlanta.

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