The new year brings a lot of resolutions with it, and for homebuyers, it may be a scaling back of what they want to own or make room for. In an area known for sweeping views and room for entertaining family and friends, going small may feel a bit backward from the current trends, but less can be more. (Caveat: this type of search is really only applicable for a single individual or a couple looking for themselves. If it’s avoidable, it’s always best to have an extra room or two for kids or other family members.)

Fewer rooms in the home can equate to less time cleaning the extra rooms and more time with friends, more time outside, or more time pursuing a hobby. There was the Tiny House trend a couple of years ago, but that’s taking it to the extreme. Just because you want a smaller home, doesn’t necessarily equate to needing to go so small you have to ditch everything you own.

That being said, the number of 1 bedroom homes currently listed is so low that out of the six found, two are foreclosures, one is a Townhome and one is a restaurant. It may be easier to deal with a few more rooms than try to search for the single bedroom that’s just right, take a look at the market.

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