The pandemic changed the housing market, with more people leaving cities as remote work became the norm. Many homebuyers wanted more space, better scenery, and a more vacation-like setting. This created a higher demand for homes in more remote, rural areas and sent home prices soaring in areas that were traditionally more affordable.

One of the areas that had a 58% rise in home values was The Sea Ranch. This small community in Sonoma County is remote, features unique architecture, and walking trails that often lead down to the ocean.

While the prices in the Bay Area, overall, have started to “normalize”, they’re still impacted by mortgage rates that have risen by almost 53% when homebuyers calculate how much home they can afford. The benefit of a more careful approach to buying means homes are staying on the market longer, and homebuyers probably won’t be instantly outbid.

The Sea Ranch is still high on the list for many homebuyers, so it’s always a good idea to take a look at what’s available.

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