One of the biggest considerations homebuyers may have is what ZIP code the home is in. For some homebuyers, it’s been found to be one of the more important considerations. The reason can be as straightforward as a neighborhood with good access to schools, or an area that’s close to shopping or entertainment.

Santa Rosa has six different ZIP codes, which means six distinct neighborhoods that vary by population, median age in the neighborhood, school availability, and proximity to downtown, for starters. Here’s the basics by ZIP code:

95401: Population: 37,761, median income $52,813, median age 35.8.

95403: Population: 44,555, median income $63,029, median age 37.8.

95404: Population: 39,981, median income $67,001, median age 41.7.

95405: Population: 20,208, median income $72,156, median age 45.9.

95407: Population: 40,233, median income $53,652, median age 32.1.

95409: Population: 25,898, median income $65,425, median age 51.

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