Not a day goes by when I don’t hear, “It’s getting too expensive to live here.” Sadly, I hear this refrain in most parts of Northern California, but it seems especially true in Sonoma County. Sometimes this statement will be followed by a spirited recollection of earlier times; when the area wasn’t so populated, and an apartment could be had for $400/month. Grabbing onto that 400 number, I wanted to know when the median price of homes in Sonoma County had been considered high at the $400,000 mark.

According to this 2013 PD article, the median price first exceeded $400,000 in April 2003.
How things have changed in 14 years. While the median price isn’t anywhere close to 2003 numbers, there are still homes to be found throughout Sonoma County that fall squarely in that range. They’re not abundant, but they do exist.

As may be expected, they’re also generally not in the best condition, but for a first-time home buyer who’s trying to find a starter home, they’re all a good place to start building equity. If you want to turn back time, or at least take a look at what those prices will get you in the here and now, scroll through the gallery and see…