If you’ve ever been disappointed that you’ve never had a summer holiday in France, don’t be. We have the sunny weather, Michelin starred food, an amazing selection of cheese, award-winning wines, a famous river and a nearby beach right here in Sonoma County.
If that’s not quite enough, this 3.2M French Country Estate that was recently listed in Santa Rosa may be the icing on the eclair that you’ve been looking for.
Now, if we want to be literal about it, 3.2M is about 325 round trip flights to Paris for two people in First Class. But why worry about lost luggage, jet lag, and airline food when you can own a 6-acre wine country estate with a sweeping view of the mountains and wake up refreshed every morning.
With a grand entry, wine cellar, and an outdoor kitchen, there’s no reason to spend a bunch of money on plane tickets when this estate will keep you firmly grounded. Not only that, you won’t need to worry about losing your luggage. If you’re ready to see what a French vacation looks like in a Sonoma County estate, scroll through the gallery…