Currently have a home on the market? Interested what features may either increase the value of your home or get it to sell faster? According to a market analysis conducted by Zillow from 2016 to 2017, there are 11 strategic search terms that when added to your listing description may increase your home’s marketability.

What are these “magic words,” you may ask? The predictable ones include mid-century, professional appliances, solar panels, pizza oven, subway tiles, and open-shelving. The surprises are steam shower, shed/garage studio, exposed brick and dual-flush?

Do these words really express the search terms of the typical Sonoma County consumer? I might add a few area specific words to even out the list- contemporary farmhouse, exposed-beam ceiling, vineyard, infinity pool and outdoor kitchen come to mind right away, but there are many others that may better fit the Wine Country home-buyer.

Interested in seeing what Sonoma County listings currently feature Zillow’s top 11 lucrative listing keywords? Click through our gallery above.