The average home in Sonoma Valley costs $772,500, that’s $135,500 higher than a similar home elsewhere in Sonoma County. But living the Wine Country dream doesn’t get more real than Sonoma Valley. The Valley of the Moon’s rich fertile soils earned it prestige as the birthplace of the California wine industry when the Franciscans at the Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma planted the first vines back in 1824.

These days, Sonoma Valley is home to a number of world-class wineries, tasting rooms and restaurants making it a destination for visitors.  Some of them even hang around for awhile, choosing to put down roots in Sonoma Valley.

Despite the higher price points, the Valley of the Moon remains a favorable market for home buyers. According to Compass real estate’s chief economist Selma Hepp, despite a dip in inventory, home prices are down. A quick scan of the listings shows a number of homes listed below the Valley median. Click through our gallery above to sneak a peek.