April concluded with a median home price of $645,000 in Sonoma County a minor increase of just 1.4% from March of 2019. According to the Press Democrat’s monthly housing report, the tiny fluctuation may be the sign of a stabilizing real estate market – a beneficial condition for both buyers and sellers.

After the October 2017 wildfires incinerated some 5,600 homes in Sonoma County, buyers scrambled to find replacement house leading to a spike in real estate prices and a record breaking median home price of $700,000 last June.

Home prices have steadily come down since then, but are still significantly higher than the national average. According to Zillow, the average home in the United States is $289,900, 45% less than the Sonoma County median. But prices are still better than our neighbors to the south. The median home price is $1,299,000 in San Francisco and a gut-wrenching $2,485,200 in Palo Alto.

For Sonoma County home buyers the price stabilization may lead to an increase in housing stock with sellers eager to obtain the best price for their property.

Curious to see what $645,000 will buy you in Sonoma County. Click through our gallery above to see a sample of properties at or above the median home price.