The median home price in San Francisco is $1,697,500 that is $1,032,500‬ more than the average home  in Sonoma County. According to Compass real estate’s latest Bay Area housing market report, the price is up 4.9% over the same time last year.

Condos fare a little better at $1,200,000 per unit, but prices are a far cry from Sonoma County which ended May with a median home price of $665,000.

Sonoma County’s price represents a price drop of 4.4% and an increase in the number of homes on the market to 1,620, up 19.6% from this time last year.

So what does the San Francisco median home price buy you in Sonoma County? Properties priced between $1.2 and $1.7 million typically have three or more bedrooms, pools, spas, guesthouses, outdoor kitchens, and the finest of fixtures and finishes.

From historic homes to modern farmhouses, click through our gallery above to see what is currently listed in Sonoma County at San Francisco’s median home price.