June ended with a median home price of $658,500 in Sonoma County. That is down less than 1 percent from May 2019 and 5.92% from June 2018’s all-time high of $700,000.

On top of prices, interest rates are also on the decline, perhaps indicating a shift to a buyer’s market.

According to David Rendino, co-owner of Re/Max Marketplace Cotati, “The lowering of interest rates has given some buyers the opportunity to purchase homes previously out of reach,” furthermore,
“every ¼ of 1% decrease in interest rates roughly translates into a $10,000 increase in purchasing power.”

That mean’s more house for your money. Homes currently listed at the median home price have a tad more square footage and a few more amenities than similar listings last year.

Is it time for you to buy? Check out our gallery above to see what is currently offered at or below the median home price of $658,500.