Although Sonoma County home prices appear to be leveling off, the market is considerably more expensive than other places in the country.

According to the realty website Zillow, the median home value is $227,700 in the United States, $547,500 in California and $627,500 in Sonoma County.

Our Pacific Northwest neighbors appear to be faring a little bit better. Homes cost around $346,400 in Oregon and  $388,400 in Washington state.

According to a the Seattle Times,  Oregon legislators facing a similar housing crisis, are passing new laws to curb skyrocketing rent and mortgage rates.

“In Portland, we’re just trying not to become San Francisco,” said Tina Kotek, the speaker of Oregon’s House of Representatives.

This year, Oregon passed a first-in-the-nation cap on rent increases and, in an effort to spur new home-building, became the only state to eliminate single-family-only zoning in many of its residential neighborhoods.

In Portland, where the median home value is $417,600, that extra $200,000 can buy you an extra bedroom or a prime location in one of the city’s up-and-coming neighborhoods.

What can you buy in Sonoma County for the median home price in Portland? Click through our gallery above to sneak a peek.