With more and more people working from home these days, real estate agents and journalists have put a name on the migration of highly-paid executives to picturesque hamlets where they can buy a whole lot more house for a million dollars. Aptly named, “Zoom towns,” these more affordable areas offer city dwellers in places like San Francisco and New York, a bit more space and solitude.

According to Bloomberg, these remote enclaves are “places where corporate executives, Wall Street barons, Hollywood stars and more than a few journalists have fled to escape the perceived dangers of crowded cities filled with people who might be carrying the coronavirus.”

Cities like Truckee (near Lake Tahoe), the Hamptons and Bend, Oregon, were identified as places where real estate prices have gone up and stock has gone down on properties at the upper end of the real estate market.

Analysts at Compass real estate have witnessed similar trends in Sonoma County. According to the June 2020 Bay Area market report, sales of high-end listings priced over $2 million saw the highest growth over last year, nearly tripling from around 13 to 40.  Although no decline in stock was noted, Sonoma County’s proximity to San Francisco is a clear draw for techies and executives looking for a little more space for social distancing.

Curious to see what a $2 million home looks like in Sonoma County? Click through our gallery above.